ECS Frame Expert – Meet Charles

Charles_webCharles has been a Frame Expert at EyeCare Specialties for five years and is an ABO Certified Optician. He has a rescued terrier-basset hound mix named Marvin, and can speak German (the Frame Expert, not the dog).

“My favorite brands are Seraphin, Ogi, Prodesign and Lafont. I tend to wear European lines – big and bold frames with a lot of personality. Glare-free is a must for the amount of time I spend on the computer, at home and at work. I really enjoying updating patient’s eyewear. If a patient has been wearing the same pair for 10 years, I love helping them pick a more modern style.”

ECS Frame Expert – Meet Krystal

Krystal_webKrystal has been a Frame Expert at ECS for 4 1/2 years. She is an ABO Certified Optician. This certification means that not only is your optician wonderful and amazing, but that she has a unique skill set to ensure accuracy as well as fashion.

“My favorite brand is Oakley eyewear for the comfort and the sporty look. I love sunglasses so I have more pairs than I should! I own Oakley and Maui Jim  sunglasses, along with various other brands. I had lasik corrective surgery and no longer need a prescription, but still like to wear my Gucci ophthalmics with Plano lenses. My job is important because we help people everyday to see well and look good!”