ECS Frame Expert – Meet Mike

ECS Frame Expert - MikeMike has been a Frame Expert at EyeCare Specialties for four years and is an ABO Certified Optician. He is currently training for an Ironman Triathlon.

“My favorite brands are Oakley and Ray-Ban. Oakleys allow complete customization of colors, designs, lenses and even the type of icon on the frame. Ray-Bans look sharp and professional, whether I am wearing jeans and a t-shirt, or dress slacks and tie. I love my job because I get to help people see great and look amazing. It allows me to be a part of ‘the answer’ for so many people who need compassion, concern and kindness.”

ECS Frame Expert – Meet Monica

MonicawebMonica has been a Frame Expert at EyeCare Specialties for 2 years. She is a proud grandma of a very talented grandson. Monica is an avid supporter of the National Kidney Foundation and is an organ donor.

“My favorite brands are Gucci and Dior. The materials hold their memory so adjustments are rarely needed. I have many pairs of eyewear, but my favorite would be my Shamir Office lens. They work wonderfully for me when using the computer and reading documents at the same time. I have issues with headaches, so adding transitions has given me more comfort and less eyestrain. For me, seeing the smiles of joy and tears of happiness on my patients’ faces when their vision is perfect is so rewarding. Eyecare Specialties keeps all of their Frame Experts up-to-date with ongoing education in product knowledge to share with our clients.”

Blue Light Both Beneficial and Harmful

Blue Light is the shortest wavelength of visible light, and it can be both beneficial and harmful to the human body. It is helpful in many physiological responses: it constricts the pupils, syncs our circadian rhythms, helps in the production of melatonin, improves cognitive performance, as well as helping to regulate mood and body temperature. However, there is a damaging side to blue light, as this higher energy wavelength of light contributes to degenerative diseases of the eye such as age-related macular degenerative, a slow process which damages the eye over time. We receive this exposure to blue light not only through sunlight but also through computer screens, tablets, smartphones, and light sources such as LED’s and compact fluorescent lamps.

The problem is how to block the damaging spectrum of blue light, while allowing the beneficial wavelengths to come through the lens. The answer is photo filtration found in our exclusive Hoya Recharge lenses. These lenses reduce the level of exposure to the harmful spectrum of blue light while permitting the rest of the visible spectrum to enter the eye at normal levels.

In addition to filtering out some of the higher energy blue light which can be damaging to the eye, Hoya Recharge lenses also reduce glare while driving at night. Plus they have the highest scratch resistance available on the market. Clearer, more durable lenses, combined with photo filtration, means clearer vision for you. Stop by to learn more about the Hoya Recharge lenses and how they can begin to improve and protect your vision today!

ECS Frame Expert – Meet Justine

JustineWEBJustine has been a Frame Expert at EyeCare Specialties for over 3 years and is an ABO Certified Optician.

“It’s hard for me to pick a favorite brand – each one has something that I love. I wear many different brands of frames; my criteria are comfort and style. For my lenses I wear the digital progressives for the ease and comfort they give my eyes. Trivex is my lens material of choice. The clarity is fantastic and I know my eyes are always protected with their impact resistance. I love helping people find the perfect pair of eyeglasses. Glasses are a medical device, but it’s wonderful to find a pair for someone that are stylish and comfortable. If you have to wear them all the time, you should look good with them! As Opticians it is our responsibility to insure that our patients get the best possible vision from their eyeglasses so they can clearly see the world around them.”