Halloween Safety and your Vision

Ghosts, goblins and things that go bump in the night: all of the things that make Halloween fun for children and adults alike. Of course while thinking about the safety of your teeth from all the Halloween treats, it’s important to also think about the safety of your eyes, whether trick-or-treating or going to Halloween celebrations with friends and family.

ECS_Halloween_safety-02-21. Make sure that any masks or costume pieces won’t obstruct your vision. Seeing clearly is important, and when it’s dark outside, additional obstructions to your vision can make walking around a dangerous activity.

2. Makeup is a great alternative to wearing a mask for Halloween. Just make sure that the makeup you are using is hypoallergenic and avoid applying your makeup too close to the eye area. Also, remember to take your makeup off at the end of the evening with a good eye makeup remover to avoid irritation and infection.

3. Leave the sharp accessories at home while trick-or-treating. While the pirate sword certainly helps complete the costume, it would take only a slight trip over a twig or other yard hazard to create a potentially serious eye injury. It’s difficult to walk in the dark, and you can’t always count on your neighbors to have walkways without obstructions. Leaving the pointy accessories at home is the best way to avoid injury by magic wand or wizard’s staff.

4. If you choose to wear cosmetic contact lenses, make sure they are safe for your eyes. Typically if you buy contact lenses from any where other than your optometrists office, they are not approved to wear safely. These over-the-counter contacts can be full of bacteria and can cause serious physical damage and infections to your eyes as well. A safe bet is to inquire about cosmetic lenses at your optometrists office.

Follow these tips and protect your eyes from injury. For additional questions about eye safety, call our office at 402.420.2020 to speak to one of our experts.


Meet the Contact Lens Expert: Courtney

ECS_Team_Contacts_CourtneyCourtney came to EyeCare Specialties after working in the retail industry. She loves helping people particularly kids. She really enjoys teaching them how to put in and take out their lenses and how to properly care for their new contacts.

She says about her work with first-time contact lens wearers, “I love the moment when it all makes sense to them and they can truly see how life can be with contact lenses.”

When she’s not helping people realize their best possible vision, Courtney can be seen on the dance floor. She is an avid country swing dancer and loves to boot scoot the night away when ever she gets the chance.

Fall Yard Work and Eye Safety

October is National Eye Injury Prevention Month with good reason: 40% of home eye injuries occur while people are working in the yard. During this season of mulching, mowing, raking and blowing, any small piece of debris flying at a high rate of speed can cause devastating effects to your vision.

1. The first step to prevent 90% of eye injuries this time of year is to wear protective eyewear. Currently only 35% of people wear protective eyewear while doing home repairs or maintenance and it is an easy way to protect your vision.

Look for safety glasses with side protection or safety goggles. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) recommends eyewear stamped with z87-2 on the frame and z87-1 on the lenses. These glasses have been tested and are determined to be able to offer the best protection for home use. 

I personally wear the Wiley X Safety RX sunglasses we offer here at EyeCare Specialties. They saved my vision last year when a glass patio table shattered and left shards of glass in my hair, eyebrows and on my face. Of course, if you need prescription goggles or lenses, the team at EyeCare Specialties would be happy to assist you. 

2. Make sure to clear your yard of all debris and sticks before mowing, raking or mulching.

3. Turn off all power tools when people approach the work area, especially young children. If children will be playing in the yard while you’re working or if they will be helping you, make sure that they are also wearing adequate protection.

4. Don’t forget to continue to protect your eyes while handling fertilizer, pesticides and other yard chemicals. 

If an eye injury does occur during our regular hours, please contact us at EyeCare Specialties for immediate evaluation. If our offices are closed, you should seek immediate attention in the Emergency Room. 

Enjoy all that fall has to offers, but as always, remember to protect your eyes. 


Help Us Wipe Out Cancer

ECS_OctPromo3_edited-2EyeCare Specialties (ECS) is proud to host a special fundraiser in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Help us wipe out cancer by purchasing a bottle of special pink lens cleaner at any EyeCare Specialties location for just $4. Half of the proceeds from each bottle will benefit Making Strides Against Breast Cancer from the American Cancer Society.

Our team members have been supporting Making Strides for over 5 years to help find a cure for breast cancer. 

At ECS we are moved to do what we can for Making Strides because we all know someone in our lives that has been affected by breast cancer, including several employees who have been directly affected. 

As a company, we are definitely driven to be involved in our community and involved in the things that matter most to our patients and our employees. Because ECS employees enjoy being heavily involved in many community events throughout the year, it’s just natural that we should support the two most important things to us: our patients and our team.

It is important for us to let them know how much we care.

Meet the Contact Lens Expert: Jillian

ECS_Team_Contacts_JillianJillian works at our Superior Street location and joined the ECS team after years of working with patients through the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. She loves helping people and particularly likes her work with specialty contact patients. It’s one of her favorite things about working at EyeCare Specialties.

“My husband has specific contact lens needs, and it makes me proud knowing that EyeCare Specialties is able to help him. There are so many patients out there that would be out of options if it weren’t for the specialty contacts that we offer.”

Little known fact about Jillian: She was the 2012 Lincoln City Dart Champion. While she doesn’t have the time to give lessons, she will help ensure that you have the best eyesight possible while you’re shooting for the bullseye.