Meet the Vision Therapist: Michelle

June 9 2014 - Eye Care Specialties portraits in offices in Lincoln, Nebraska.Michelle is true motivator. Her more than twelve years of experience as a vision therapist speaks volumes to her dedication to the EyeCare Specialties’ Vision Therapy Program in Lincoln, NE. Michelle’s vibrant personality keeps patients interested in learning and motivated to overcome their vision disorders.

Michelle is originally from Fremont, Nebraska. She received her Bachelors Degree in Human Services from Midland Lutheran College in Fremont. She has experience working alongside elementary school counselors and preschool instructors.

“I am proud to work at the Center for Vision Development because I have been able to witness how many lives we change. We change the future for a lot of these young patients and make the future brighter for our older patients.  No one wants to struggle or see someone struggle, and I am proud to be part of the solution!”

When Michelle isn’t working with patients in the clinic, you might be able to catch her turning up the tunes and getting down. She loves to dance and at one point in time wanted to be a Fly Girl on the early 90s TV show, “In Living Color”.

Meet the Business & Finance Team: Katie

ECS_KatieKatie Remington has been working the the eye care industry for over 11 years. She is an Insurance Specialist with EyeCare Specialties and helps patients navigate the insurance process. She makes sure that patients are able to have their claims paid, she files appeals on their behalf and truly acts as an advocate on behalf of our patients. She loves knowing how much she can help patients throughout the sometimes frustrating insurance process.

Of course when she’s not talking about insurance, Katie is most likely talking baseball. She is a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan and is passing down her love for the Cards. Her 6-year old son got to see them play for the very first time on a memory-making family trip this summer.

Nancy Meyerle Celebrates 24 Years at ECS

Meyerle006Apr05_2011Twenty-four years ago, she was a stay-at-home mom looking for a little something more. Little did Nancy Meyerle know that what would start as 2 1/2 days working in Dr. Kirchner’s office would turn into leading the entire communications team for the largest independent optometry practice in Nebraska.

When she first joined the team of 12 employees at Dr. Kirchner’s office, Nancy was responsible for checking patients in, scheduling all appointments and recalling patients over the phone. All scheduling was done out of a big book, which was always challenging when someone couldn’t remember when their next appointment was scheduled.

The practice continued to grow, merging with Dr. Devine’s office and moving to a new location in 1996. Nancy increased her hours, enjoying the thrill of being able to help patients achieve the best eye care possible.

Through the years, technology transitioned from the Big Book of Appointments through five different computer systems, including many conversions and updates. Nancy stayed on top of it all and watched the business grow from two doctors to the current team of 11, with four locations and over 100 employees.

Nancy knows the importance of managing schedules and the ability to juggle everything that needs to get done. When schedules change and appointment times open up, she loves being able to call patients and let them know they can be seen earlier. She knows what a difference that convenience can make in a patient’s life and she is grateful she is able to help in any way.

Nancy is proud of her 24 years at EyeCare Specialties, “I love working for a company that truly cares about its employees and patients, and is well respected throughout the optical industry.”

Congratulations on your milestone, Nancy! Thank you for your dedication and commitment. We appreciate your hard work and look forward to a long future helping the Lincoln community achieve their best possible vision.