Meet the Frame Expert: Jenefer

Jenefer_Instagram-2An EyeCare Specialties team member for over six years, Jenefer’s background in the retail environment helped her discover a love of helping people find exactly what they need.

One of the most things she enjoys most about her job is interacting with people and helping them find that perfect pair of glasses. Suggesting the right pair includes considering the patient’s lifestyle and budget along with their prescription needs.

In her spare time, Jenefer likes to be on the go with her two kids – Kasyn, 4 and Kandace, 13. They like to hang out and spend time outdoors with family and friends. She looks forward to the next big season of NU football and NFL games.

Meet Vision Therapy Grad: Emma

CVD grads_Emma-TW

Emma found herself struggling in both school and play. She would have difficulty maintaining her balance and riding her bike. She also would become very frustrated with reading and math in school. She says, “I did not write my spaces correctly and I got headaches when I would read, write or do school. I couldn’t see things right.”

Emma’s mom talks about how her daughter would become frustrated in school, “She often told me that her eyes were ‘playing tricks on her’.” Emma’s optometrist recommended Vision Therapy, and Emma quickly saw success.

A recent graduate of the program, Emma is excited to be hitting the trails this spring, “Now I love to read and ride my bike. I put in spaces, and I don’t get headaches anymore. Thank you Erin. Thank you Dr. Smith.”

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