Meet Vision Therapy Grad: Stella

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Recent Vision Therapy graduate Stella’s mother shares her experience with the Center for Vision Development:

“In first grade, I noticed Stella complaining of headaches when she was reading, skipping lines or words and sometimes struggling with easy words that I was sure she knew. I made her an appointment with the eye doctor because I thought perhaps she needed glasses. It was then that we found out she had 20/20 vision but was diagnosed with something called convergence insufficiency. Our eye doctor recommended pencil pushups, but a quick internet search told me vision therapy would be more effective. I was thrilled to learn there was a vision therapy office in Lincoln so close to our home, so we made an appointment.

When we brought her in she had a complete evaluation and was diagnosed with a few other issues in addition to the convergence insufficiency/. She was set up with a therapist and a custom therapy program to follow.

The therapy was definitely hard work. I will never forget at the beginning, Stella would cry during therapy at home because it was just so hard. But we kept working at it, and it was amazing to see by the end of each week, she could do it. We had just the sweetest, most caring therapist who worked so hard with Stella and made sure there was always something fun for her to do each night. Stella really loved working with Ashlie and always looked forward to going.

We just completed our program and the change we have seen in Stella is amazing. She continues to advance multiple levels in her reading when tested by her teacher. Her hand-eye coordination in sports has improved. And she has developed a love for reading. I love catching her reading in her room before bed or before school or whenever she has a spare minute. And she has developed such confidence – it really and truly has changed her life.

I wish everyone knew about vision therapy and the effect it can have on your child’s life. It was definitely hard work, but worth every minute. I have shared Stella’s story with so many of my friends and will continue sharing it, in the hopes that even more kids can have the same success that she has!”

Find out more about our Vision Therapy program here.

Doctor Spotlight: Brian Brightman, OD


Dr. Brian Brightman is all about creating an experience. His goal is to “wow” his patients. He comes to the office every day with the goal of giving each patient a memorable experience knowing that their eye appointment is such a small part of their day. He wants to make it a good one.

This motivation started when he was young in Fort Dodge, IA and was impressed by a family friend who was an optometrist. Dr. Brightman realized that he could combine his love of science and his desire to interact with people. A future optometrist was born.

His commitment to helping people as much as he can extends from the exam room to his charity work. Dr. Brightman assists Clinic With a Heart, VSP’s mobile clinic and when LPS nurses refer students unable to afford vision correction, helps local students as well at EyeCare Specialties.

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Dr. Brightman’s motto, “Surround yourself with good people that you can learn from and make you better,” is evident in the staff he surrounds himself with as EyeCare’s CEO. He enjoys being a part of such a talented group of individuals and is proud of the experience they can provide every day for their patients.

Doctor Spotlight: Brian Hinkley, OD



Over 30 years ago, a young man accompanied his girlfriend to her eye appointment. For Dr. Brian Hinkley, it was love at first sight. His sweetheart eventually became his wife and favorite companion. But he also fell in love with the field of optometry. Dr. Hinkley, who had always imagined an occupation in the medical field, was now excited about the idea of helping people realize their best possible vision.

Dr. Hinkley loves seeing the smiles on patient’s faces when he can help restore their vision or help them with a medical need. And he looks forward to seeing entire families of children, parents and grandparents who he has been treating over those past 30 years.


In 1998, Dr. Hinkley helped start a free eye clinic in a small closet at the People’s City Mission and has had the pleasure of watching it grow ever since. He still volunteers there once a month, helping Lincoln’s homeless and uninsured with their eye care.

Dr. Hinkley’s personal motto, “To find joy in everything I do,” is apparent in every aspect of his life. Whether treating patients, volunteering for the homeless or enjoying time with this family, Dr. Hinkley’s bright optimism influences everyone he meets.