Doctor Spotlight: Steve Sandman, OD


Dr. Steve Sandman wants to change the world starting in his corner of Beatrice, NE. His own world was changed in 2nd grade when he received his first pair of glasses. Because of the constant changes in his vision, he needed to visit his optometrist every 6-12 months. He knew what an impact having clear vision had on his own life, and he wanted other people to be able to enjoy their most important sense.

One of the things that Dr. Sandman enjoys most about what he does every day is helping a wide variety of patients. He finds it very rewarding to help a child with their first pair of glasses or treating patients with macular degeneration or cataracts. He likes meeting patients of every age and stage in life and doing what he can to help them see their very best.

Sandman Family

Dr. Sandman enjoys being active in the Beatrice Community and beyond. He volunteers for the Beatrice Public Library Foundation, the Beatrice Community Hospital and Health Center’s Board of Directors. He also has traveled to Haiti with Shared Vision International to help the people there receive optometric exams and also volunteers with Vision USA, a program that provides basic eye exams and vision services free of charge to low income individuals and families who are uninsured.

Dr. Sandman wants people to know how important it is to consider the health of their eyes as an extension of their overall health. As we are living longer and longer, we want to make sure to take care of our eyes so that we can enjoy great vision well into our golden years.



Doctor Spotlight: Rachel Smith, OD


Dr. Rachel Smith knew she wanted to be an optometrist back when she herself was a patient at EyeCare Specialties. She had been experiencing headaches and would struggle with close-up work. After being diagnosed with a binocular vision disorder, she began Vision Therapy treatment at the Center for Vision Development and was hooked. She knew she had to dedicate the rest of her life to understanding the relationship between vision and learning in order help as many people as possible.

Dr. Smith now runs the Center for Vision Development and helps patients who experience challenges with their visual processing. She is always proud of how the team comes together and strives to help each patient achieve success.


Dr. Smith spends her free time volunteering for the Down Syndrome Association for Families of Nebraska and her church. She also loves spending time with her growing family and running outdoors.

Dr. Smith encourages scheduling regular eye exams for the whole family. With vision being more than 20/20 acuity, catching vision problems as soon as they arise can be beneficial especially when it comes to learning and development.

Doctor Spotlight: Dan Novak, OD


Even as a boy, Dan Novak always knew he wanted to be in the medical field. There was something about the combination of equipment and helping people that made him excited about the opportunity. He got his first pair of glasses when he was about 10 years old and discovered how much better life was with clearer vision.

He can’t wait to come to work each day so that he can engage with his patients. Of course, he loves helping them take care of their eyes and helping them see clearly, but he actually enjoys getting to know everyone. He also gets a kick out of the rest of the ECS team.


He is a member of the St. Peter’s Knights of Columbus in Lincoln and works with the many charities they support. He also spends time with his wife and young family, reading to his children and taking them to the park.

Dr. Novak wants patients to know how important it is to get regular exams and protect your eyes from the sun or when playing sports or working around potentially dangerous equipment. “You only get one set,” he says. “Treat them as such.”