Take Us With You: Nature Photography Tips


At EyeCare Specialties, we know what a gift vision is, and we work to make sure your eyes are as healthy as can be so that you can enjoy the beauty in nature.

Here are some tips on how to capture some of those memories.

1. Lighting. Early morning or late afternoon/evening tend to produce some amazing shots but you can also get good photos during the day. Just make sure to keep the sun at your back and consider shooting from a lower angle to minimize harsh shadows.

2. Subject. Make a beautiful shot even better by choosing a subject for your photo. Rather than just a group of trees, focus on one in particular that stands out to you. This will help your photo tell a story and create interest for the viewer.

3. Leading lines & Framing. Consider visual cues that lead the viewer’s eye to your subject and framing the subject in a unique way by using other elements in nature. For example, you could take a photo of an interesting rock structure by using the branches of a tree in the foreground.

4. There are no rules. If something looks compelling to you, take a picture of it. After all, that is what photography is, a way to create visual memories. The important thing is to get outside and really open your eyes. You’ll be amazed by what you see.

Join us for the Take Us With You Photo Contest at Pioneers Park’s Wild Adventure Days on Saturday, April 29 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Upload a photo using #ECSeyes to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by noon 4/30 and you could win $100 gift card to EyeCare Specialties. Make sure your post settings are public, though, so that we can see your shot.


Doctor Spotlight: Doug Harshman, OD


Doug Harshman’s life has taken him all over the country. He has studied in Texas and met his wife while practicing optometry at the VA hospital in Spokane, WA. But he eventually felt the draw back to Nebraska to become a vital part of the EyeCare Specialties team.

There are so many reasons that Dr. Harshman enjoys being a part of the ECS team. He loves the camaraderie between the other doctors. He also enjoys working with the well-trained staff and knowing that, as a part of ECS, he is able to provide his patients the best possible services and products.

His faith in the organization as a whole makes him proud to be a part of EyeCare Specialties, “I can sleep well at night knowing my patients are being well taken care of by our entire team.”

Harshman family

Dr. Harshman relishes his role as father too. He is very active as both a soccer and basketball coach for his children’s teams. He also volunteers at their school, helping out with weekly traffic duty and however else he can lend a hand.

Vision Therapy Grad: Sydney


Sydney has suffered from headaches since beginning kindergarten. They would worsen later in the day especially after school. As a 2nd grader, she was not a fan of reading and had very little confidence reading out loud. She would have problems differentiating between her d’s and b’s and would struggle following along the lines of her music during piano practice.

Dr. Brian Brightman recommended that Sydney talk to Dr. Rachel Smith at our Center for Vision Development. Dr. Smith worked with her team of vision therapists and put together a plan to help Sydney become more confident with her reading, to help her peripheral vision and help reduce headaches.

Sydney worked hard to accomplish her goals and recently graduated from the Vision Therapy program. She now reads aloud with confidence, does better playing the piano and best off all, is headache free. Her mother and the Vision Therapy team agree, “We are so proud of Sydney and her accomplishments!”