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Save on Two Pairs of Eyewear with Our Multiple Pair Discount

Justin Hoatson
by Justin Hoatson

We are very excited to have launched our Multiple Pair Discount. This is a great opportunity for you to have more than one pair of glasses. This discount allows you to purchase a second complete pair of glasses for 50% off on the day of your visit, or 30% off within 30 days. Because there is no one pair of glasses that will address all of a person’s visual needs, we wanted to provide a way for our patients to purchase the glasses they need. Everyone truly does require more than one pair of glasses, but many cannot afford them.

We really want to communicate the importance of having at least two pairs of eyewear. The primary pair can be used for most typical activities, like working and reading. The second pair could be sunglasses for daily driving or any outdoor activities. Our new Multiple Pair Discount provides the opportunity to purchase a pair of quality sunglasses.

Sunglasses are probably the most overlooked second pair, but they are extremely important. Sunglasses are beneficial not only because they are visually more comfortable, but also because they provide an added measure of visual safety and promote better eye health. A high quality pair of sunglasses – whether prescription or not – will provide protection from UVA and UVB radiation. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation can damage the eyes and surrounding tissues. Sunglasses will help tremendously to protect your eyes on a daily basis.

The configuration of the multiple pairs, however, depends entirely on the visual needs of the person. You can get a good primary pair and a back-up pair. This is especially useful for people with a higher prescription. If you are a contact lens wearer, you can purchase a pair of glasses for the times you are tired of wearing contacts and a pair of non-prescription sunglasses. Presbyopic patients may want to get a primary pair of progressives, but supplement that with a specialized pair of computer glasses, or simply reading-only glasses. This offer gives patients an opportunity to fulfill their vision needs at an affordable price.

We are thrilled by the positive response we have already received from our patients. It truly is our goal to provide quality services and products while keeping price and convenience in mind. Consider the benefits of what multiple pairs can offer and the way that your daily routine can be made more comfortable by a second pair of frames.

Dr. Devine Recommends Back-to-School Eye Exams

Dr. Devine
by Dr. Devine

Back-to-school season is upon us and it is time to consider the health of your child’s eyes. All parents want their children to be well-prepared to excel academically and good eyesight is imperative to do so. On the list of things to do when preparing your kids for school this fall, be sure to include an eye exam.

Growing eyes need attention and a child’s sight can change dramatically from one year to the next.

Growing eyes need attention and a child’s sight can change dramatically from one year to the next. Even if you do not think your child needs glasses, you should schedule an appointment to make sure their vision is in good health. Some children need glasses, but have learned to compensate and do not tell anyone. Researchers estimate that between 75-80% of what we learn comes through our eyes and visual systems. By making sure your child’s vision is clear, you are solving what could be the reason for processing delays or classwork deficiencies.

Two notable things change as children age. First, both textbooks and leisure books are printed in smaller type, which makes the eyes work harder. Second, children begin to spend more time in front of computer screens. Some students’ visual skills may not be up to the task of processing these more difficult formats. A child’s natural response is often to avoid reading or computer work to lessen these visual demands. Unfortunately, when school work is avoided, their overall education begins to suffer.

If your child has not had an eye exam in the last year, I encourage you to schedule a comprehensive visual exam soon. By taking action early, you help to ensure you child is at peak visual performance. An exam can also catch warning signs of larger vision-related learning problems, which are always more effectively treated when detected early.

Dr. James Devine is a co-founder and President/CEO of EyeCare Specialties in Lincoln, NE. He brings years of experience to the EyeCare team, with a genuine interest and concern for his patients. He is a graduate of the Southern College of Optometry. Since graduation, he has won recognition for his skills in the field of optometry, served on the governing boards of major optometric associations and is currently a member of the American Optometric Association.

Hello Summer, Hello Savings!

Justin Hoatson
by Justin Hoatson

Lincoln, NE — Are you in need of a fresh pair of sunglasses for summer? Looking for family fun? You are just in time for EyeCare Specialites’ Hello Summer, Hello Savings Event.

Hello Summer, Hello Savings

The Hello Summer, Hello Savings Event is scheduled for June 11, 1–4 pm, at the EyeCare Specialties ‘O’ Street location (7930 ‘O’ Street). Rain or Shine there will be something for everyone. Inside the store, there will be incredible savings on sunglasses. We hope you can join us as we say thanks to you, our loyal patients.

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