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Contact Lenses

EyeCare Specialties offers a wide range of contact lenses, from daily wear to monthlies. Our doctors will prescribe the perfect contacts to meet your needs.

Multifocal Lenses

Multifocal lenses are designed for patients with Presbyopia who need to hold their reading materials at a distance. Presbyopia is an age-related eye condition that affects most people over the age of 40. Using new hybrid technology, patients can use a contact lens that provides the clarity of multifocal glasses and the comfort of a soft contact lens so you can quickly focus from one object to another without sacrificing comfort.


Keratoconus is a progressive eye condition in which the cornea develops a steep irregular cone. This condition requires a specialized contact lens to allow for clear vision. If you are a patient with kerataconus, we have several contact lens options for you.


If you have been diagnosed with an astigmatism, EyeCare Specialties has a large selection of soft, hybrid, and rigid gas-permeable contact lens options. Our contact lens team will provide the perfect fit based on your prescription and preference.

Post-Surgical Contact Lenses

We carry several specialty lenses for post-surgical patients. Contact us for more information about these lenses.

Daily Contact Lenses

We carry contact lens brands for daily use. Did you know that the accumulation of protein, calcium, lipids, and other substances found naturally in your tears can create a build up on your contact lens? These deposits can cause wearers to get an eye infection or irritation that feels uncomfortable. The more often you change out the lenses, the better eye health you can maintain. With daily wear lenses, you change them out on a fairly frequent basis, or even daily.

Our Contact Brands

Applying Hard Lenses

Applying Soft Lenses

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