Doctor Spotlight: Rachel Smith, OD


Dr. Rachel Smith knew she wanted to be an optometrist back when she herself was a patient at EyeCare Specialties. She had been experiencing headaches and would struggle with close-up work. After being diagnosed with a binocular vision disorder, she began Vision Therapy treatment at the Center for Vision Development and was hooked. She knew she had to dedicate the rest of her life to understanding the relationship between vision and learning in order help as many people as possible.

Dr. Smith now runs the Center for Vision Development and helps patients who experience challenges with their visual processing. She is always proud of how the team comes together and strives to help each patient achieve success.


Dr. Smith spends her free time volunteering for the Down Syndrome Association for Families of Nebraska and her church. She also loves spending time with her growing family and running outdoors.

Dr. Smith encourages scheduling regular eye exams for the whole family. With vision being more than 20/20 acuity, catching vision problems as soon as they arise can be beneficial especially when it comes to learning and development.