ECS Frame Expert – Meet Justine

JustineWEBJustine has been a Frame Expert at EyeCare Specialties for over 3 years and is an ABO Certified Optician.

“It’s hard for me to pick a favorite brand – each one has something that I love. I wear many different brands of frames; my criteria are comfort and style. For my lenses I wear the digital progressives for the ease and comfort they give my eyes. Trivex is my lens material of choice. The clarity is fantastic and I know my eyes are always protected with their impact resistance. I love helping people find the perfect pair of eyeglasses. Glasses are a medical device, but it’s wonderful to find a pair for someone that are stylish and comfortable. If you have to wear them all the time, you should look good with them! As Opticians it is our responsibility to insure that our patients get the best possible vision from their eyeglasses so they can clearly see the world around them.”