Eyewear Trends for Women – 2015

One way to truly make a fashion statement every day is with a stylish pair of eyewear. With 2015 in full swing, we are here to let you in on the top trends in eyewear and what you will be seeing in the months ahead. These styles work for both everyday wear and sun wear and can be seen from coast to coast and on all different kinds of women. Every woman is different and will feel comfortable in different things.


Dramatic Squares


A frame shape that is really hot right now is dramatic squares. Any woman who doesn’t want to get too far out of their comfort zone and still wear something on-trend can pull them off. They create a neo-modern look and can make a dramatic statement while still looking sophisticated and elegant.


Exaggerated Cat Eyes


Something we are seeing a lot more of are the Exaggerated Cat Eye frames which can be very uplifting to the face and eye area. This eyewear trend harkens back to the late 50s and early 60s when actresses Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn scorched the silver screen in their cat eye frames.

While this look is a bit trendier than square frames, it is incredibly flattering on most face shapes. It’s a feminine look that works just as well in sun wear as it does with general eyewear.




They say every fashion trend will go full circle, and we are seeing the evidence of that today with hippy-inspired rounds. These are very flattering for women with a square shaped face or a great look for women looking for a youthful way to incorporate some playfulness into their wardrobe. Whether borrowing your rounds from the late 60s (think John Lennon) or bold frames from the early 70s, round frames are great for trendsetters and people who like to make an impression.




Aviators are a staple every year for sun wear. They never seem to go out of style for good reason. Aviator sunglasses look great on every face shape and can be worn for multiple occasions. A traditionally sporty look, this year’s take on the classic is slightly oversized and mirrored.

Of course these are just a few of the new trends in eyewear for the upcoming year. You can always stop in at any time and try out a new look at EyeCare Specialties. Our Frame Experts are always on hand to make suggestions and give you feedback on what looks the best and how it can work for your lifestyle.