Fall Yard Work and Eye Safety

October is National Eye Injury Prevention Month with good reason: 40% of home eye injuries occur while people are working in the yard. During this season of mulching, mowing, raking and blowing, any small piece of debris flying at a high rate of speed can cause devastating effects to your vision.

1. The first step to prevent 90% of eye injuries this time of year is to wear protective eyewear. Currently only 35% of people wear protective eyewear while doing home repairs or maintenance and it is an easy way to protect your vision.

Look for safety glasses with side protection or safety goggles. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) recommends eyewear stamped with z87-2 on the frame and z87-1 on the lenses. These glasses have been tested and are determined to be able to offer the best protection for home use. 

I personally wear the Wiley X Safety RX sunglasses we offer here at EyeCare Specialties. They saved my vision last year when a glass patio table shattered and left shards of glass in my hair, eyebrows and on my face. Of course, if you need prescription goggles or lenses, the team at EyeCare Specialties would be happy to assist you. 

2. Make sure to clear your yard of all debris and sticks before mowing, raking or mulching.

3. Turn off all power tools when people approach the work area, especially young children. If children will be playing in the yard while you’re working or if they will be helping you, make sure that they are also wearing adequate protection.

4. Don’t forget to continue to protect your eyes while handling fertilizer, pesticides and other yard chemicals. 

If an eye injury does occur during our regular hours, please contact us at EyeCare Specialties for immediate evaluation. If our offices are closed, you should seek immediate attention in the Emergency Room. 

Enjoy all that fall has to offers, but as always, remember to protect your eyes.