Glasses for Every Budget


STYLE: $129 Complete Pair

Looking for stylish frames with glare-free lenses that fit your budget? Our Taylor Madison collection allows you to Buy a Pair & Give a Pair. Get your complete pair for only $129 as part of our Style Tier.

  • Single Vision Polycarbonate Lenses Only
  • Basic Glare Free
  • Select Frame Lines
  • EyeCare Discounted Price in Lieu of Insurance

SMART: $279 to $379 Complete Pair

Our Smart Tier is perfect for those who need premium lenses or progressive lenses. Frame options include many designer brands!

  • Single Vision or Classic Tier Progressive
  • Ultimate Tier Glare Free
  • Two Year Frame Warranty
  • One Year Lens Warranty
  • EyeCare Discounted Price in Lieu of Insurance

SUCCESS: $380+ Complete Pair

Our Success Tier allows you to select a complete pair that shows your personality and supports your lifestyle needs. From transition lenses to designer and luxury frames, this tier gives you flexibility and numerous options to create a pair just for YOU.

  • Choose Any Frame Style
  • Customize Your Lens Package
  • Insurance Plans Accepted


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