Meet Specks!

EyeCare Specialties Vision Therapy program has been helping hundreds of kids in the Lincoln and surrounding communities overcome their vision disorders through vision therapy.

Vision therapy helps patients who have problems with eye focusing, eye teaming, lazy eye and crossed eyes. These vision disorders can be discovered in children as they encounter difficulty with school work.

While we’ve been talking with their parents about the benefits of vision therapy, we wanted to develop a way to communicate with the kids in a way that could inspire and motivate them throughout our program.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce to you, Specks!Print

Isn’t Specks charming? We love his name because it’s based off the word “spectacles”. This word has a unique, double meaning that is related to vision/sight in different contexts.

1. (Noun) Anything presented to the sight or view, especially something of a striking or impressive kind.

2. (Noun) Spectacles, eyeglasses, especially with pieces passing over or around the ears for holding them in.

Why an Owl?

Owls are a symbol in western culture of wisdom and intelligence. They are known for their upright stance and famous for their binocular vision. While unable to see close up, owls have tremendous eyesight at distance and use both eyes to perceive depth and navigate flight at night. Bird mascots also evoke forward momentum. And, owls are incredibly cute.

Specks the Owl is also a gender neutral name and can be easily adopted by both boys and girls. He is approachable, engaging and thoroughly adorable.

So if you see this awesome owl at EyeCare Specialties or our Center for Vision Development, consider yourself already acquainted. We hope our patients enjoy this mascot as much as we do.