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By signing below, I certify that the answers and information provided on this form are true, accurate, and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if any answer is not true, accurate, or complete, I may not be hired, or if hired, I may be discharged.

I understand that this employer will thoroughly investigate my work and personal history, character, and qualifications and verify all information given on this application, on related papers, and in interviews. Except for those that I have specifically noted on the form, I authorize any firms, individuals, references, and schools named on the form to provide this employer with information regarding my work, educational history, or character and to cooperate fully with the investigation of my character and qualifications. I authorize them to provide any information requested about me and I release them from all liability for damage in providing this information.

I understand that this employer follows an “employment at will” policy, which means that they or I may terminate my employment at any time, and for any reason consistent with applicable state or federal law. I understand that this application is not a contract of employment. I acknowledge that no oral representations have been made. If I am hired, I agree to conform to the rules and expectations provided to me by this employer.

Thank You

Thank you for applying to become a part of the EyeCare Specialties team. We have received your application and will be reviewing all applicants as soon as possible. As the largest independently-owned optometry practice in Nebraska, we look forward to adding talented personnel to our team.

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