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Our Culture

Bring It

We are passionate. That gives us an advantage: to be the best at what we do. Our constant perseverance is driven by our desire for excellence. Every day we deliver. We have a positive influence on everyone we encounter. The only way to do great work is to love what we do. And we bring it.

Celebrate It

Here we celebrate each other and the little things in life. We take the time to find the right person who fits our culture; we value each other with everything we bring to the table personally and professionally. We celebrate diversity and embrace individuality. We give back to our community by volunteering, learning and growing together. And we celebrate it.


Evolve It

Here change is constant. We are encouraged to challenge the process and are driven by the desire for excellence. We position ourselves on the leading edge of technology. This, paralleled with our continuing education, shows we are committed to enhancing the quality of life.

Own It

We create the environment by hiring the right personality with the right attitude. With this family, we are able to create a unique connection with each other and our patients. We are empowered to make decisions always with the patient’s best interest in mind. Accountability is everything if you love and own what you do. We are the company. Because we care.


"Surrounding yourself with people who can help and support you is important. I am grateful for my co-workers at EyeCare Specialties."

—Mindy McCormick, Retail Coordinator/Frame Buyer
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