See Us First for Your Urgent Eye Care

During the course of their lifetime, most people will encounter an urgent eye injury or illness. The optometrists at EyeCare Specialties have a wealth of experience in diagnosing and treating a wide range of urgent eye care needs. We have created Urgent Eye Care Services so we can be more available in case a problem with your vision occurs.

During the summer months as people spend more time working outside, we see an increase in cases of foreign objects, like dirt or sawdust, in the eye. Often, debris gets into the eye and can scratch or damage tissue. The object usually needs to be removed and treated with medication. To avoid the possibility of eye injuries, remember to wear safety glasses when trimming your lawn and hedges, cutting tree branches or working on home improvement projects.

As summer turns to fall, cases of “pink eye” appear more, which coincides with children going back to school and the cold and flu season. This infection is important to treat early because it can be highly contagious. If left untreated for too long, pink eye can lead to scarring, which affects vital parts of the eye.

Throughout the year, we see many patients visit our office with flashes and floaters. Any time these symptoms occur, we recommend that you have your optometrist do an immediate check because it may be linked to a problem with retinal tears or detachments.

We take great pride in being eye care specialists, which is why we offer services to be available when you need us most. Our Urgent Eye Care Services are available six days a week. Our optometrists have advanced diagnostic equipment and are prepared to treat your eye health problems. When an unexpected problem occurs, see us first for specialized, professional urgent eye care.