Doctor Spotlight: Mikaela Betka, OD



ECS’s newest optometrist fell in love with optometry by accident. Literally. She was playing basketball in 4th grade when her glasses broke and she suffered an eye injury. Her mother took her to EyeCare Specialties, and Mikaela became aware of how precious and delicate our eyes truly are. Her fascination with the exam and technology sealed the deal and set her on the path to optometry.

Her passion led her to working at EyeCare Specialties during college as a clinic technician where she could really see people being helped to use their dominant sense. She also had the opportunity to work with pediatric patients as a vision therapist and realized how much she enjoyed helping children learn to enjoy the world around them visually.

During optometry school, she traveled to Honduras with SVOSH (Student Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) and looks forward to helping more organizations in the future provide exams and vision assistance to those domestically and internationally.


A newlywed and recent transplant back to the area, Dr. Betka has been spending much of her time settling into her new home in the Beatrice area with her husband. Her motto, “No matter how you feel get up, dress up, show up and never give up.” is fueled by coffee and the support of her family. It’s no accident that she has dedicated her life and her passion to helping the people of southeast Nebraska realize their best vision.