Eye Exams

What exactly is involved with the exam process? What can I expect?

The first part is the health aspect. During this portion of the eye exam, the structures of the eye and surrounding tissues are examined for any diseases or complications, such as: cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

The second part of the eye exam is the refractive error portion. During this step of the exam, the prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses is derived. Further follow-up visits with a doctor may be required to finalize a prescription.

How are your exams different from other optometrists?

At EyeCare Specialties in Lincoln, Beatrice and Fremont, NE, we pride ourselves on using the most technologically advanced instruments during our eye exams to ensure your eyes are healthy. We ensure that every patient undergoes a complete examination of eye health and the best possible corrective lenses are prescribed. We do not just write a prescription, but tailor the prescription for your lifestyle and daily visual demands.

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What is the air puff for and why do I need it?

The puff of air is a very valuable test that is performed as part of your comprehensive eye health exam. This test measures the amount of pressure that is inside your eye. The eye is filled with a fluid designed to nourish the structures within your eye. If too much fluid is being produced or not enough is absorbed into the blood stream the pressure can build up and cause damage. The nerves entering the eye from the brain are the most susceptible to damage. This condition, called Glaucoma, will affect your peripheral vision.

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Will I need to get my eyes dilated? If so, why?

Dilation of the eyes allows the retina to be examined. When presented with light, your eyes naturally constrict, which limits the amount that can be examined. Dilation drops keep your pupil open so your optometrist can extensively examine your eye. EyeCare Specialties is also proud to offer Optos, a retinal imaging technique that delivers a digital image of your retina without the use of dilating drops.

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