Vision Therapy Grad: Sydney


Sydney has suffered from headaches since beginning kindergarten. They would worsen later in the day especially after school. As a 2nd grader, she was not a fan of reading and had very little confidence reading out loud. She would have problems differentiating between her d’s and b’s and would struggle following along the lines of her music during piano practice.

Dr. Brian Brightman recommended that Sydney talk to Dr. Rachel Smith at our Center for Vision Development. Dr. Smith worked with her team of vision therapists and put together a plan to help Sydney become more confident with her reading, to help her peripheral vision and help reduce headaches.

Sydney worked hard to accomplish her goals and recently graduated from the Vision Therapy program. She now reads aloud with confidence, does better playing the piano and best off all, is headache free. Her mother and the Vision Therapy team agree, “We are so proud of Sydney and her accomplishments!”